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What to Expect

We are not fancy, just real people living real lives.  And who love the Lord and want to worship and serve Him with other likeminded people.

No special attire is necessary but you can dress up if you want.  Mostly we come pretty casual in dress.  Pastor will usually be wearing khakis or jeans, maybe a sport coat, with an office casual shirt (ties are welcome but seldom seen).

Music is with guitar and is mostly what is being sung on more contemporary radio stations, though we still have a profound appreciation for hymns and work those in. 

Words are on the screen as we mostly stand to worship; though there is no judgment on those who prefer to sit.

Preaching goes about 30 minutes and scripturally based, seeking to make timeless truth relevant to today's world.

We have communion as well as a potluck dinner the first Sunday of each month.

We hope you will come and check us out!