Holy Week- Monday April 6, 2020 Jesus Cleanses the Temple
April 6, 2020, 10:25 AM

As we trace Jesus' road to the cross the week leaading up to Good Friday, the Gospel of Mark records in 11:12-17 the scene of Jesus clearing the Temple of ungodly activity.

As we journey to the cross this week, and spend time in intercessory prayer for victory over the virus, and national turning back toward God this passage reminds us that spiritual victory begins with the church, the people of God.  Churches are turning away in their beliefs from the Bible and from God.  And many others are compromising or lukewarm.  So today as we pray let's make the revival of the church a special focus.

I will be praying and fasting through lunch each day this week.  If you can join me in that great, if you just support in special prayer this week that is great too.

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