Easter Tuesday: The Power FOR Us Becomes The Power IN Us
April 14, 2020, 9:00 AM

Jesus won victory FOR us on the cross and in coming up out of that tomb.  Just knowing about Him, His teaching, and the glorious meaning of the details surrounding the resurrection can inspire better living.

But that is not all He came to do.  He came to do more than inspire better living, He came to transform hearts and minds and lives.  He came so that we might experience a second birth, be born of the Spirit; and then go on to be baptized in the Spirit.  For that we need to fully appropriate the benefits of the atonement.  

We need to make sure what He came to do FOR us is fully installed IN us.  If salvation is to downoad the new program, Pentecost is to reboot the computer.  Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit is fully operational IN us.

It is the ulitimate fulfillment of what Jesus says in speaking of the coming divine Counselor in John 14:17.

I'm trying to keep these brief but two quick points: 1)  This is not to say that once we have a personal Pentecost we have arrived, or that we are supersaints.  It is a heart of pure intention to serve God wholeheatedly that is still embodied in an earthen vessel.  2)  Yet it should do more than merely inspire better living (that which accords with God's Word), it empowers it.

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