What is a Nazarene?

Since Jesus was from Nazareth, He was at times referred to as a Nazarene.  Also in the Bible His followers were sometimes referred to as Nazarene's.  So we are the Church of THE Nazarene.

Where are you located?

The Waynesville Church of the Nazarene is located at I-44, exit 153.

Take the north outer road east (Rt. 17) about 1/4 mile to the top of the hill. Look for our blue and white sign at the corner of Rt. 17 and Rocky Mount Lane.  Turn North on Rocky Mount Lane and the church is on the right, across from Buckhorn Bowling Lanes. Guests are welcome...and expected!


Parking?  Will I have a place?  Do you have handicapped parking?

We have a nicely paved lot that we just expanded by nearly 50% with you in mind.  We also have a couple handicapped spaces reserved near the sanctuary doors for your convenience should you need them.  Additional parking is available across the street at Buckhorn Bowling Lanes.


What denomination are you and what does your church believe?

The Church of the Nazarene is considered a protestant evangelical church with roots in the Wesleyan-Holiness movement.  You can visit the “Beliefs” page to learn more about our doctrine.


What kind of people attend Waynesville Church of the Nazarene?

We have a fairly diverse congregation.  There are a number of our congregation who are military or civil service, and others from the community who have no connection to the military in any way.  We have small business owners/managers, others that work a trade, and those who work full-time jobs as homemakers, raising their children and being a blessing to their family.  Everyday folks who love Jesus.

What is your average attendance and will I be the only visitor?

Currently we average anywhere from about about 55 - 70 in attendance on Sunday Mornings.  We happen to be in a military community where there are transfers in and out on a regular basis, so we are used to visitors, enjoy them, and expect them.  We have had service men and women who may be in training for several weeks or months that need a church "home" for a short period of time.  We have been told time and time again how thankful they were to have a church to fill that need and to help them get "plugged in" to a job or ministry if they desired for the time they were here.  You will find that we have a very loving congregation who will make you feel wlecome.

What should I wear?

1 Samuel 16:7 "...The Lord does not look at the things as man looks at.  Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."  If the Lord looks at the heart, then it's only appropriate that the church should too.  We are meeting in God's house to worship Him, so modest dress is preferred, but we want you to wear something you feel comfortable wearing.  You will find a variety of dress when you visit, from shorts to suit coats.


What is your Sunday morning schedule like?

Our Sunday morning schedule is similar to most churches, but with a twist.  Unlike many churches, we have found that it works best for us to have the Morning Worship first, followed by Sunday School. Worship is at 10:00am.  Before we go to Sunday School we have a stretch break, we call Cookie Fellowship, for about 10 min. or so.  This is an enjoyable time to grab a snack, a cup of coffee, and head to Sunday School class.  You are even welcome to take your snack to class if you wish.  A bell will ring to signal time to go to Sunday School (approximately 11:20am)  Someone will be glad to help you find a class to attend.

What Sunday School Classes do you offer?

Sunday School is offered for all ages.  The adults currently have 3 classes to choose from.

What can I expect from a Sunday Morning Service?

Everyone has been in an unfamiliar situation before, maybe a large gathering, a class, conference, or visiting a church and the nervousness that comes because you don't know what to expect, what to do, or how to act.  Take a deep breath....you'll be just fine.  If you have never been to a church service before, don't worry about it.  We will not call on you, single you out, make you sit up front, or anything else that might make your feel uncomfortable.  Rest assured you will be welcomed and be made to feel at home.  If you've been in a protestant church before, the format will seem very familiar.  This includes music and singing, prayer, and announcements.  There is also a time for offering, but this is mainly for the members and regular attendees.  You are welcome to, but never obligated to participate.  There are also special times of celebration that include baby dedications, baptisms, taking in new members, communion, video clips, and even skits from time to time.  The pastor will then present the morning message, and occasionally open the altar for a time of prayer for those who would like.


What kind of music do you use in your services?

We use a combination of Contemporary Music and Traditional Hymns.  We are led in music by our Worship Team, accompanied by guitar and electic keyboard. We also have one of the members sing a special or play an instrument in each service.


What do you offer for children?

We love children and God has blessed us with a great group of children and wonderful, dedicated leaders.  There is always something going on children in Children's Ministries.  Children sit with their parents for the first part of the AM Worship Service and then children up to 4th grade are dismissed to Children’s Church.  Older children are encouraged to remain for the message in intergenerational worship.  The First Sunday of each month is especially planned with children in mind.  We offer children's quizzing, Vacation Bible School, Christmas programs, an Easter egg hunt, and much, much more.  Come join the fun as we train up a child in following Jesus! 

What do you offer for teens?

Bible studies are offered during Sunday School and Wednesday evenings.  We also have fundraisers from time to time and use the money for things like: activities, teen camp, sponsoring a child from another country, etc.  Our teens have a real heart for others and have been involved in packing crisis care kits, sending blankets to Mexico, and Operation Christmas Child.  We also enjoy the skits and dramatizations they do from time to time that put a smile on our faces and cause us to think.  We are thankful for our teens and their desire to reach out and serve others. 

Do you provide nursery care?

Yes, we provide nursery care for ages infant to 3 years old (until 4th birthday) during Sunday AM worship, Sunday School, and on Wednesday nights. 

Is your building wheelchair accessible?

We are currently in the process of making our building more wheelchair accessible.  We have just expanded our parking lot and do have some reserved parking up close.  We have recently remodeled our foyer restroom (near the sanctuary) to be wheelchair accessible.  We also installed a chairlift in our main stairway (this is a chair lift, not a wheelchair lift). Someone will be available to assist you if needed.


If you have to cancel services due to bad weather, where do I find out?

Due to bad weather, services may be cancelled.  We use the local radio stations KFBD 97.9 FM - St. Robert, Mo. and SPIRIT FM. to announce cancellations.  An announcement will also be placed on our home page, (so far as communication lines are open to update the site).